jCore is a complete, cloud-based system that enables you to grow your business, retain advisors, increase efficiencies and lower costs. Using jCore will also allow your firm to get ahead, and stay ahead of regulatory audits.

jaccomo’s systems integrate internal and external data onto a single, secure platform. In addition to CRM and calendaring, the system provides new account opening, e-forms, workflow and reporting tools. jCore has process management and commissions reporting tools to track, automate and report on work that involves multiple parties, steps and calculations. jaccomo opens up all of this to your organization, but the system will ensure that access to specific data is available to those who are authorized. jCore keeps track of all processes, tasks and transactions. This data can then be used to analyze the activities and performance of an individual or group.

You can start small with one or two components and grow the system over time - adding and changing processes, people, rules as often as your business needs.

Lastly, jCore is cost effective as well as comprehensive so you don't need to have a disparate collection of point solutions for your front and back offices. Everyone can operate on the same system: meaning one installation, one bill and one vendor to call for support.